The WBDC is pleased to add accessibility to mentoring services, mentoring relationship training and mentoring events to enhance your business development.  These programs are targeted to entrepreneurs who are already in business, whether emerging or established, who are seeking targeted, one-on-one advice to help build successful businesses.  They also offer business professionals and experienced business owners meaningful volunteer opportunities to give back.

We have affiliated with the MicroMentor online mentor matching program. This service connects small business owners with business mentors throughout the U.S. and locally. The WBDC MicroMentor Affiliate page allows you to see mentors and mentees who are participating through the WBDC, create a profile and request mentoring help.  We encourage women business owners throughout the WBDC’s nine state Midwestern region to join our MicroMentor Affiliate page, as both mentors and mentees.

The WBDC supports your involvement by providing workshops and webinars on how to be effective in this role and to provide insight on appropriate expectations and responsibilities in each role.  We also provide periodic opportunities to meet in person and recognize and thank participating mentors from our area.

How it works:

  1. Participants sign up online at Experienced business professionals (mentors) describe their experience and expertise, and entrepreneurs (mentees) describe their business and mentoring goals in the form of a specific request.
  2. Members always control who they connect with—actively seeking out connections or reviewing and approving direct requests from others in the mentoring network.
  3. Once connected, relationships progress over email, telephone, Skype, or, when possible, in person. The duration of the relationship is three months.  There is an active customer support team at Micromentor that provides direct support and resources for the duration of the relationship. If the mentor and mentee choose to extend the relationship, they can do that.
  4. Each mentoring pair has the opportunity to evaluate the relationship after 10 days, and again at the end of the formal relationship at the 3 month mark.  If the relationship is not a good fit, you can alert Micromentor Customer Service.  Also Micromentor follows up with mentees in a year to ask about the economic impact/successes of the business after the mentoring relationship.

We encourage you to sign up for this program, and we look forward to your input and success!

For more information, please contact Maura Mitchell at