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Learn How to Use Technology Transfer – A “How-to” for Businesses that Want to Stay Relevant

Have you got a business innovation strategy? If not, come learn how technology transfer and the federal SBIR seed fund might be right for you. For small and medium size businesses, the challenge of staying relevant in rapidly changing industries is becoming more a daunting. Businesses know they need to innovate but the challenge of finding a strategy that doesn’t deplete a company’s main resources – human capital, time, and money – often keeps R&D/innovation discussions on the back burner. Join us as we discuss how technology transfer from university and federal labs, coupled with the federal R&D seed fund called SBIR, can play a part in your business innovation strategy!

Shelley Brown, Diversity Solutions Leader, Aon

Alex Duchak, Co-Founder, Invent2026
Jason Rebello, Director of the WBDC’s InventIllinois Program
Riana Lynn, Co-Founder, Journey Foods Inc.