Shirley Marx Pitch Finale

This summer the WBDC held local pitch competitions in each of our five major markets (Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Twin Cities), which were sponsored by Deluxe. The local pitch competitions culminate with the Shirley Marx Pitch Finale, being held at our 2019 Connect & Celebrate: Chicago Signature Conference. Shirley Marx was a successful WBE and Chairman of New World Van Lines. At the upcoming Shirley Marx Pitch Finale, the five WBE finalists from the various local markets shown below will pitch their businesses to a panel of judges consisting of WBDC corporate partners. The Pitch Finale grand prize is $5,000 and the prize for second place is $2,500.

The finalists for the Shirley Marx Pitch Finale are:

Joanna Sobran, Founder/CEO

Kansas City
Lisa Ragan, Founder
Safely Delicious, LLC

Roberta Brehm, President
Vyron Corporation

St. Louis
Jenny Sturm, CEO
Signature Craft LLC

Twin Cities
Caren Schweitzer, President
Creative Resources