Maricela Del Toro

Maricela Del Toro is the Director of Customer Service at MAO Concrete.  They specialize in residential and commercial concrete work.  Mao Concrete was founded in 2007 and during the past years they have been learning based on a trial-and-error approach, – “some administrative mistakes, [guided] by ignorance, caused us money”.  Their plan is to expand the company to generate more work, hire more people and reduce their cost of materials.

Prior to joining ScaleUp Aurora, Maricela listed developing a strategic plan to grow their business, gaining access to networking opportunities with economic development organizations, resource partners, financial institutions, as the needs that led her to apply to ScaleUp.  She listed Accounting as their biggest challenge.

Currently, Maricela is working with one of our advisors, ono-on-one counseling, to develop her new website, set up the business Facebook page, and register her business with Google My Business.  Her short term goal is to use all of these free online tools to develop a new marketing campaign to reach more customers.  She also enlisted the help of another Scaler to help her create a new logo and marketing materials.